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Bamba's First Comforts



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An excellent way of understanding your baby.

Bamba’s First Comforts is a box that contains Bamba and five everyday objects. Each object is paired with a simple hand sign. All the objects have been specially chosen by us as they are related to the early language development of young babies and are the objects/concepts that they are likely to experience early.

The box includes a bottle (sign drink), a spoon (sign food), a blanket (sign bed), a mirror (sign Ah – look at me!), a bath flannel (sign bath), and Bamba (sign monkey).

So now your baby can tell you he’s thirsty, hungry, tired, wants to have some ‘look at me’ time, wants to have a bath, or just wants to play with Bamba.

Bamba’s First Comforts includes a parent guide with information on why using signs with your baby is beneficial and how it will encourage early language development. But don’t worry it’s not complicated and it includes extra useful signs for you and your baby.

Use the box of toys when playing with your baby, let him show you what he likes. Then use the signs in everyday activities. For example, before your baby is about to eat show him the sign for food/hungry. You can also sign ‘food’ while your baby is eating. Reinforce the signs by playing with Bamba’s First Comforts – five minutes a day is a good start but you’ll want to do more!

After repeating this process several times your baby will link the sign to dinner time and that food is on its way. Soon he’ll make the sign himself to tell you he is hungry.

It couldn’t be easier!

Suitable for babies from 6 to 18 months. The kit contains six luxurious toys and a list of associated baby signs helping your baby tell you when he is hungry, thirsty, tired etc... There is an easy-to-read booklet with background information and more useful signs. Everything you need to get started!.

Using signs with your baby is just building on their natural skill. Babies learn through hearing, seeing and touch. By using Bamba’s signs with your baby he receives information not only by hearing what you say but also seeing what you mean.

Now your baby‘s having twice the information which will help him learn and understand the world around him.

Your baby can learn signs like ‘drink’ and ‘hungry’ by using Bamba’s Chatter Boxes. He’ll be on his way to showing you what he wants rather than hoping you’ll figure out what he needs!

At the same time speech is being encouraged and as research shows even accelerated. Signing babies typically speak earlier.

Bamba’s Chatter Boxes will provide useful vocabulary for every stage of development from first comfort needs to telling you about the animals they’ve seen in the zoo.

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