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Porcelain Mushroom Night Lamp - Green



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Product Code: STD3


The Magical Mushroom Nightlights and prints are a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous princesses, machines and transient TV characters.

Here we have heirloom quality works of art in porcelain suitable for babies and children, boys or girls of any age which even teenagers will find “cool”.

The gently calming ambience of the light glows from inside through window cut-outs and spots in the beautifully domed 9-inch tall Magical Mushroom onto the ceiling and around the room.

The exquisitely drawn characters will inspire whimsical story-telling which children will remember throughout their lives. Imaginations will be stirred with adventures which could be the Tortoise & The Hare, The Ugly Caterpillar which becomes a Butterfly. How many stories could be woven around the Harmonica Playing Mouse? Is that Hare in fact a Rabbit with a Flute which may have saved Hamlyn?  The Tortoise is smiling and knitting – what could that be all about? We also have a couple of Beanstalk Sunflowers, a Frog in Full Regalia and a creature enjoying an idyllic fishing trip with laughing fish – you get the idea? Every night is an opportunity for a new tale;  and through the latchkey door sleeps that friendly character under his/her patchwork quilt.

Of course the attention to detail extends to safety with a CE (RoHS) certificate, a cool 6w bulb, external on/off switch and included adapter.

Size: 9 inch tall

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